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1.0 For Android

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Misaki Putri
1.0 For Android
5.0 and up
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Misaki Injector ESP APK – Welcome to the Apkdoner.com website. Apkdoner is a third-party ASCII text file platform specially designed for humanoid users. We emotionally deploy a free app file for reviewing humanoid apps and games when the user wants and needs survey thoroughly. We are trying to bring you the most wanted and stylish apk in the USA. We provide specific content on our website along with certain humanoid apps or games. Transfer files from all APK categories to your Misaki Injector ESP APK operating system for free.

Misaki Injector ESP is an Associate in Nursing golem app offered at one store. you’ll transfer all versions, together with any version of Misaki Injector ESP. Misaki Injector ESP is an Associate in Nursing application with over 1000 put in. If you would like to put in Misaki Injector ESP on your device, your golem device should have a golem operative OS version a pair of 5.0 or higher. golem prime Misaki Injector ESP has all versions and you’ll transfer it onto your phone or any golem device. To do this, scroll all the way down to the all-time low of your screen wherever you’ll see heaps of links to transfer the app huh. in fact you’ll use Misaki Injector ESP on your computer, you ought to use Associate in Nursing soul for that.

All apps and games on our website square measure for private use solely. remember to share this app together with your friends, it’ll facilitate the total golem community and developers to create the app a lot of enticing and in fact, taking part in the app or during a game with friends is a lot of fun and useful). transfer the free Misaki Injector ESP APK on the golem.

How does Misaki Injector ESP App work?

Google Play Store is not the only app Misaki Injector ESP available for Android devices. In most cases, Android Auto apps are installed through the App Store. The Android device includes the Car Media Player so users can take advantage of its features and options. Why would Android users turn to the App Store for help is a question asked frequently by Android users. The Google Play Store provides access to a variety of app files. The current state of affairs is well known.

75 percent of people using Android smartphones still use old devices that can’t run the latest applications. As a result, Android devices are incompatible. Online APK files are sought after by many Android users. Manually installing it will restore the options. However, Android compatibility makes it impossible for those users to use the features again. Experts are offering this complete online solution based on their problems and easy accessibility.

Installing APK Inside Devices now allows you to use some optional apps. The two products have the same features, despite their slightly different titles. You can now access YouTube from within the store by searching for CarTube.

Numerous other apps are also available, such as these. This store will provide Android users with a number of benefits. It is possible to install files that are usually not directly installed onto smartphones inside the smartphone. Additionally, now that both ends of a file can run the same files, Android users can easily exchange data, including files. The users can exchange data directly by installing apps. Using no external bridges or disturbances.

Your search for the easiest way to install the Android Auto app has led you to search online. Download the APK file from here if you want to use the latest version. AutoAndroid files are available for free download and installation.

What is Misaki Injector ESP Application?

As mentioned above, this is the latest third-party application that releases Android and iOS user platforms to enable PUBG mobile game hacking using scripts and hacks. Specified below for new players

If you have used any other ESP hacking application or tool on your device, you can easily use this application to hack Pubg mobile games. If you are a new user, for more information on how to paste a script into your account, be sure to read this entire article or watch the videos on the YouTube or Telegram channels.

When using this application, you should know that it is not a legal and secure application as it does not contain any direct or indirect reference to the original game. As a result, the app has been removed from the Google Play Store and other official face app stores. You can only get the download link of this application on third-party websites.

What scripts can users find in the Misaki Injector ESP app?

The developer added the following hex to this application, e.g.


  • Small jump
  • No compensation
  • IPad view
  • Black body
  • Clear the fog
  • A little crochet
  • Night mode
  • Heat shot
  • Hit Effect X
  • Fast fur hunting
  • Close as soon as possible
  • Anti-damage
  • Jump car


  • fps
  • B.X.
  • Line
  • Distance
  • Health
  • Surname
  • Head position
  • 360 alarm clock
  • Skeleton
  • Grenade warning
  • Enemy weapon

Target boat:

  • Range
  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Crosser
  • Distance
  • Commercial or shoot
  • Advertising only
  • Only fire
  • Hit the target

Which version of PUBGM is being added by developer Misaki Injector ESP APK?

In this new ESP hack Mobile Pub Player can insert hacks and scripts into the mobile version of Pub like this:

  • Global
  • Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Taiwan

In addition to the PUBG mobile versions mentioned above, developers will add more PUBGM for future players unless developers try this new hacking tool further on the above versions.

Misaki Injector ESP Download Users can find hacks or scripts of which vehicles?

In this new ESP hack or script, the user has to hack or execute the script as described below.

Vehicle Rental:

  • Buggy
  • America
  • Tricycle
  • Bicycle
  • Dacia
  • Jet
  • Boat
  • In college
  • Mirado
  • Scooter
  • Ronnie
  • Snow bike
  • Snowmobile
  • Speed
  • Truck
  • Monster truck
  • BRDM
  • Ladniva

Gun Rental:

Special Note:

  • Flame gun
  • Gili Suto
  • Air drop
  • Dropplane
  • B.X.
  • Scope:
  • Hollow
  • Bowed
  • Red dot
  • 2x
  • 6x
  • 8x
  • 4x
  • 3x

Automatic towing and SMG:

  • .Gusta
  • M762
  • Mark Lee
  • M416
  • M16A4
  • G36c
  • QBZ
  • A.K.M.
  • Guruja
  • Bijan
  • Big gun
  • mp3 k
  • UMP
  • Vector
  • Uzi
  • 28 dp
  • M249

Guns and ammunition:

  • Is 7.62. Is
  • 45ACP
  • Is 5.56. Is
  • 9 mm
  • 300 Magnum
  • 12 gauge
  • Arrows


  • Flash Hyder Air
  • R compensator
  • Compensation SMG
  • Strategic partnership
  • Duckbill
  • Hide a snapshot of lightning
  • Cut throat
  • Warehouse Micro UZI
  • Thumb grip
  • And much more.

Key Features Of Misaki Injector ESP APK:

Misaki Injector ESP app is totally liberated to download and use.
This application runs quicker than different applications.
There are not any third-party ads in offline flight mode.
This application won’t hurt you.
App integration provides the most recent updates on sporting events.
You will relish this application heaps.
Viewers can ne’er be forced to buy a premium subscription.
No registration is needed.
This Misaki Injector ESP APK is 100 percent safe.
The interface is straightforward to use.
Misaki Injector ESP application is accessible online and offline.
The computer program of the applying is mobile-friendly.
Top wonderful servers are further for straightforward streaming.
And different vital functions.

What square measures the Advantage and drawbacks of getting Apk files in your automaton apps?


❶ quick transfer speed
❷ notice voice by this command
❸ Custom program
❹ permits you to avoid wasting elements of an online page


❶ Lose privacy and security
❷ No anti-tracking
❸ Tabs aren’t right away in a position accessible
❹ choices take up loads of area within the program

You can download APK file and OBB file through the same process:

What Is An Apk file

What Is An OBB file

How do I transfer Misaki Injector ESP for automaton APK and iOS?

  • Download the APK from the page over.
  • Click the install button to open the downloaded file.
  • You presently have to be compelled to authorize unknown sources to place within the appliance. move to Settings >> Applications / Security and check consecutive boxes to alter applications from unknown sources to be placed in.
  • Click over again and so the pc code goes to be organized on your portable computer for many seconds.
  • Click the “Open” button to induce pleasure from and luxuriate in your favorite internet series, TV shows, documentaries, and flicks for complimentary.
  • This was the only real Mod APK installation guide for fans. once downloading it to your phone, we have a tendency to tend to hope you enjoyed the program. Well, there square measure many totally different choices throughout this text that we’ve got unlisted. Misaki Injector ESP APK is completely safe and getable. you’ll simply transfer the APK file and follow the installation procedure.

Steps to put in Misaki Injector ESP app on automaton and phone.

Step one – 1st of all, transfer the most recent version of Misaki Injector ESP APK head to head from the link on top of.

Step a pair of – Open the Settings app on your mobile device and change the installation of unknown sources within the Security column. currently, you’ve got confirmed that you simply wish to transfer this APK on your phone.

Step three – currently navigate to the downloaded APK file on your automaton device. File managers and storage systems may be involved.

Step four – faucet the Misaki Injector ESP App to visualize the installation choices. Click on that and proceed with the method.


Little Misaki Injector ESP APK is receptive to everyone. You oughtn’t to take for downloading something. you just get one disk, mount it on your phone, able to be happy with the name, and look at it yourself!

So this little Misaki Injector ESP Apk which we have a tendency to hope you’ve got found what you were attempting to seek out. you have to be compelled to not transfer little or no Misaki Injector ESP Apk from any website, as they’re going to accompany some viruses or malware. Instead, you’ll be able to transfer the latest little or no Misaki Injector ESP Apk from this page that’s very the paid version of this game and to boot the latest version. These square measure the apps you’d like to use Tentacle Locker APKBen 10: Power Trip Mobile ApkSpider-Man Miles Morales Mobile ApkGoojara ApkOnlyfans premium Hack Apk 2021

We will update this post with the latest link to transfer the insufficient Misaki Injector ESP Apk file, therefore attend the latest little or no Misaki Injector ESP Apk to be told relating to it. There square measure many websites where you’ll be able to notice the latest Edition of little or no Misaki Injector ESP Apk, however, we’ve got a bent to don’t counsel when you may transfer the paid version from this page. If you’re having any downside downloading or victimization little or no Misaki Injector ESP Apk, then permit America to understand it through the comments below.

FAQ: [Do you have got any questions]?

Que: what’s the Misaki Injector ESP application?

Ans: The Misaki Injector ESP apk is one of the most important (device) apps for a golem.

Que: Do i want to root my device to run (use) this app?

Ans: No, Camp Misaki Injector ESP apk fine on devices that don’t embody files.

Que: is that this Misaki Injector ESP apk straightforward to play (use)?

Ans: it’s a wonderful and straightforward program that’s not difficult. you’ll use all unsecured functions and things.

Que: is that this Misaki Injector ESP apk safe to use?

Ans: Yes, it’s 100% safe for your device as a result of we have a tendency to care, not like our different party websites that solely sell their unsafe app. you are doing not have to be compelled to root your phone to require advantage of the superb options of the Misaki Injector ESP apk.

Que: am I able to update the app from the Play Store once putting in APK from apkdoner.com?

Ans: Yes, of course. The Play Store installs downloads from Google’s servers, that load your service (download page) and pages from websites, like apkdoner.com.

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