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Bloons Td 66 is available for mobile, Android, and iOS. Don’t wait, choose your software and play Bloons Td 6 Mobile APK on your phone!

The Bloons Td 6 Mobile is the latest iteration of the Bloons Tower Defense franchise. New balloon styles (especially the Purple Balloon, Fortified Property, and Doom’s big airship), Heroes, 5th level updates, a third progression route for each monkey, and a trophy shop title were given. It was first released on June 13, 2018, for Android and iOS.

By Bloons TD6 Mobile

The Bloons Td 6 Mobile follows the same motto as the previous title in which the monkeys pop the Bloons. Purple Blues, a new MOB Class (BAD) Bloons, a new Hero Towers, a 5th level update, and a third upgrade course for each monkey, the bloons TD4 includes many new game features. DBT, which first appeared in the Bloons, is also making a comeback in Monkey City. Purple blues, which are resistant to heat, plasma, and energy missiles, and fortified Bloons, are harder versions of their usual counterparts. Included in the new Bloons (Fortified property doubles the health of all Bloons 6 except lead, which quadruples its health).

Each game is played around. As the player goes through the rounds, there are more blown shapes involved, and the difficulty level increases. At the beginning of the game, players must select a mode (easy, medium, or difficult) and sub-mode. Different modes of the Bloons TD6 mobile allow players to navigate the same map in different ways. The game is more varied than the previous Bloons TD installments. Depending on the difficulty of the selected map and the selected mode, players can earn a certain amount after completing the game. The amount of monkey money given after completing the card for the first time on a level of difficulty is very small.

Bloons TD6 mobile gameplay

MOAB, BFB, ZOMG, and DDT, as well as the latest bloons of BAD6, are returning to Bloons TD6 Mobile. These flowers do not appear until their 40s and older, but they are all very healthy. Moab needs 200 hits, BFB 700 hits, ZOM 4,000 hits, DDT 400 hits, and BAD 20,000 hits, all of which increased health after Round 80. After winning the player “Insta-Monkey” 100 rounds. Who already have the opportunity to get upgrades that can be used for free in any mode except CHIMPS and Unpowered Challenge.


Army Monkey will teach you to play the game for the first time. He announced the game’s goal on the downtown track: “Stop the Blanks coming in!” After that, the player must place the 0-0-0 arrow monkey in the assigned circle. The first round is played after the second 0-0-0 Arrow monkey is placed in the second section of the course. The Army Monkey will then show you how to press the play button to start the next round.

He reports that the Ping Ping Bulls wins the Monkey Experience by beating them in the second round: “The Pop Ping Bloons deserve the Monkey Experience!” It then tells the player to press the dart monkey button to gain gain access to the update. If it tells the player that “each monkey type does 5 upgrades on three paths”, the player can unlock one of the 1 upgrades of the dart monkey level 1.

The Army Monkey informs the player that after unlocking the Dart Monkey in the game, he must add an update to use it.


The Bloons TD6 Mobile Tower Defense 6 includes 21 monkeys (2 new monkeys and 19 returning from previous BTD games) and 12 heroes to help the pop balloon. There are four types of monkeys: men, army, magic and support. The strengths of monkeys vary from simple arrow monkeys to omnipotent super monkeys, each with their own skills, strengths, and weaknesses. The Monkey XP is still there, but this time it works a little better. Players can save the Monkey XP to unlock upgrades in any order. But when they go down the upgrade route, the amount of Monkey XP increases.

For example, since each monkey has its own XP collection, they cannot use Dartaf XP to purchase a bomb shooter update. Boomerang Monkey (from Boomerang Thrower). Wizard Monkey (from Monkey Apprentice), Bomb Shooter (from Bomb Tower), Ice Monkey (from Ice Tower), Mortar Monkey (From Mortar Tower). Dartling Gunner (from Dartling Gun) and Engineer Monkey are included in the towers, renamed BTD5 (Monkey Engineer).

The monkeys have a total of 15 upgrades, each divided into three paths with five upgrades. A player can choose between two paths: one that leads to Tier 5 and one that leads to Tier 2. If one route is updated before another, the third route will be blocked.


The Bloons TD6 mobile currently has 55 cards. There are 17 cards for beginners, 14 for advanced, 12 for advanced, 9 for specialists and one more card. The reward for completing the card is determined by the given complexity of the card as well as the chosen difficulty of the game. After the first deal, the payment will be significantly reduced. (For example, special cards played harder, intermediate cards pay more than light played.)


Grass map called Monkey Meadow. BTD 5 is reminiscent of a monkey band. This map is one of the easiest in the game because there are no .objects to block your view and there is no water. Although there are static formations on the left and right above the pumpkin map, the monkeys can now be mounted on them in the 5.0 update.
A tree stump is a card that revolves around a tree stump. Blan forms a loop around the stump before exiting the large circle. The towers on the stumps are hidden from the stumps, but the towers on the stumps remain uncontrollable. The parking lot is the same as the BTD5. The mushroom can be tapped to flicker and shimmer, and the log ax can be tapped to turn.

Medium: Grass map with the atmosphere of Bloons Monkey City. There are waterline lines on the top left of the map, but they are always too thin and not too close to the path used without the use of updates for Monkey Sub with Advanced Intel. An alternative option is to use merchants to make money regardless of vision. The box is on the right side of the house and can be used by the towers until the 2.0.0 update. The auditory barrier is the house and the windmill. This is the map shown in the game tutorial.

In the style of the game

There are 17 different BTD6 mobile game modes, all available on different levels of difficulty via maps: easy, medium, and hard. To unlock the previous game mode to a specific game mode, it must start with the standard mode corresponding to a specific map. The default setting for all maps is the default mode for all difficulty levels. With the update of 19.0, the player can win a medal in Odyssey by beating the submodel (other than the standard model) and unlocking the next submodel, if any.

In version 11.0, cooperative mode was originally introduced in BTD6. It is a 2-4 player game in which you collaborate. Unlike BTD 5, there are many maps on which all players share space, especially on the map on which habitable land is insufficient when divided. Like BTD5, players can share profits and income with each other.

Custom challenges

In BLONS TD6 Mobile, the Challenge Editor is used to solve various problems. In the task editor, you can usually define maps, difficulty levels, entry fees, life, laps, and other special parameters to improve the complexity of the challenge. For example, the standard balloon and MOAB class can be increased or decreased in terms of health and distance. Some towers and/or upgrades may be restricted, some sized towers may also be restricted, and some CMPS may be restricted. Laws may also apply, e.g. Next, the lost heart, the wisdom of the monkey, the powers, the sale but not the income. The player can also make any ordinary golden regrowth and/or cameo.

Once the challenge code is completed without power consumption, players can publish their challenge code. Players can also assign their task to the Ninja Kiwi after completing the challenge and ranking their set problem (Easy, Medium, Hard, Friday Stinger).

Version 22.0 Added a challenge browser with the ability to love and favorite challenges. Regro Rate has also been introduced as a new slider option.

Bloons TD6 Mobile Story

PRLOG for iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store was introduced by Bloons Tower Defense 7 on March 28, 2017, and launched on June 13, 2018. What’s going on in Ninja Kiwi? – October October 27, 2017, Like its predecessor, the game revolves around monkey towers. However, unlike previous titles, Bloons Tower Defense 6 uses 3D graphics to improve game viewing. The game uses a new feature called the site line that allows for some restrictions to disrupt the monkey’s line of sight. The importance of the position of this tower increases.

How to download and run Bloons Td 6 Mobile on Android apk and ios

  • Download game Files from
  • Install it on your desired phone (Android / iOS).
  • Start the game and complete the verification process by running the apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Restart Bloons TD6 Mobile.

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How to Download Bloons Td 6 Mobile Apk For Android?

1. Go to Settings → Security → Unknown Sources enable this.
2. Download the area from the given link.
3. Locate the file in the device’s memory.
4. Tap the app and install the app.
5. done.

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