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Download Cookie Wars APK 2021 1.4.2 For Android

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Downloading and installing it on any platform is remarkably easy. Simply navigate to the app’s website with any web browser and download it using your device’s settings and don’t forget to allow apps installation from unknown sources.

You will always be able to download directly from us with a high download speed. In lieu of broken links, we provide the actual free and secure Cookie Wars APK file without charging you any extra.

About The Cookie Wars APK:

It’s cookie world battles once again in Cookie Run: OvenBreak. To win every final battle, players must build competitive teams.

Cookie Wars immerses you from the very first moment with incredibly detailed 2D graphics. A variety of elements are available to you on your screen just by clicking.

By gathering cookies and unlocking other characters, you will build the strongest team possible. You can level up your characters by earning coins by defeating your enemies.

In addition, skills and pets can be equipped, making them stronger when fighting. You will need to pick your character carefully in each sand area to stop your enemies from advancing on your territory, just as you would in Clash Royale.

Cookie Wars offers a variety of characters and features that will keep you entertained for hours. Simple controls and incredible aesthetics will keep you entertained for hours and win you more battles than you can imagine.

What is Cookie Wars APK?

The player in this game can use a food weapon. Mutated food may be found when a player waits at many places. They destroyed everything they came across as they transformed into strange creatures.

It is best to prevent them. There are a number of Cookie Wars characters who possess special abilities and skills. By developing their characters, players can make their characters more effective.

PvP combat and multiplayer gameplay are also offered. These games offer exciting gameplay for all players. Story mode contains great scripts. Adding adventures to the game increases its appeal.

You need unlockable characters and cookies to assemble the strongest team. Leveling up your characters earns you coins. Furthermore, pets and skills can be equipped to maximize their battle power.

To defeat your rival before they enter your territory, you must select your character carefully, as in Clash Royale.

You can select from more than a dozen characters and elements in Cookie Wars. With a simple, beautiful aesthetic, you’ll be entertained every time you play it.


You’re the best

Similar to the heart system in cookie wars, the life system in the kakapo cookie run also emulates the heart system. Players would have to spend hearts in order to complete a level. Increasing levels would increase the cap on hearts.

As long as the player continues to lose less than the cap amount, they will be able to gain back some lost hearts, but more than that will result in further loss. Hearts can be earned via quests completed, daily rewards earned, or by reaching a certain level.


Game currency in cookie wars consists of gold, crystals, and medals. The thematic coin can be used to upgrade equipment and obtain lower levels of rarity pulls, while crystals provide premium pulls.

In addition to medals, there are other rewards in PVP matches.

Players can earn coins and crystals in addition to earning them by completing levels, completing quests, earning playtime rewards, and purchasing crystals.

Features of Cookie Wars APK:


It’s easy and fun to play this game! Cookie Wars can be played by anyone!


Cookie World is the cutest, most diverse place to live! Welcome to Cookie World! Your team will be stronger if they work together!


Your Units must be better to win! Your team will be strengthened as you collect donuts and treasures!

It’s awesome that there is a Story Mode!

A mindless jelly monster has been transformed into a cookie! It’s a war in the world of cookies! Find the source of the problem and save the day!


You’ll be able to battle players around the globe live! Take advantage of the best strategies to climb the ranks!

ADVANTAGES! Demos to look forward to!

You can earn awesome rewards by participating in Elemental Dungeons, Tower of Experience, or Star Exploration!


Destroy Los & Jelly Walker’s hordes of Jelly Walkers.

Survivors will be rewarded generously!


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Free – Apps and services are free.
Compatible with a variety of devices – The app works on a variety of devices, from old to new.
Easy to use and lightweight – This application is extremely lightweight.

Key Features:

Here are some of the things you’d expect from an app like this. So, I am going to share some key features of your Cookie Wars APK. If you are interested in it, you should read the following points here.

  • This is a free app for Android users to use on Android phones.
  • It is safe to download and use.
  • Has a simple and user-friendly interface
  • You can use it easily and work faster than any other such tool.
  • App integration provides the latest updates on sporting events.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • No third-party ads are available.
  • It gives you real likes and followers.
  • An interesting collection of effects.

You can download APK file and OBB file through the same process:

What Is An Apk file

What Is An OBB file

How do I install and download Cookie Wars Apk for Android or IOS?

  • Simply click the “Cookie Wars Apk” button to unlock our app. Once the page has opened for 10 seconds, the APK file will automatically be downloaded to your device. Downloads will appear in the “Downloads” section of your browser after the APK file is downloaded from your device.
  • Installing third-party apps on your phone requires that you allow third-party apps on your device. These few steps will guide you through the process, the steps are mostly the same as those outlined below. After enabling the unknown source, your phone can install applications from sources other than Google Play. Open Menu> Settings> Security> and search for unknown sources.
  • As soon as you complete the above step, you can tap the “Download” button in your browser and the file will be downloaded. After the installation prompt appears, a permission prompt will ask you to proceed.
  • The application can be used normally once the installation has been completed.

[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. APK Download: What is it?

Answer: The Android package kit is known as APK, and the file format is used to install Android applications (such as XE for Windows). APKs are installed manually by downloading and running them (a process called “sideloading”).

Question 2. Can I update the app from the Play Store once I have put in the APK from

Answer: Of course, of course. The Play Store contains downloads from Google’s servers, which load your service (download page), and pages from websites, like

Question 3. What is the safest place to download the Cookie Wars Apk?

Answer: The APK files downloaded from the internet are risky for your computer’s security because they install applications on your system. Before installing an APK, ensure that the website you are using,, is trustworthy. Malicious APKs can be modified before being installed and then used as Trojan horses.

Question 4. Do Android users have access to apk files?

Answer: For an Android phone, apk files can be found under /data/application/directory under user-installed applications, whereas pre-installed applications can be found in the system/application folder by using eS. You can access it with a file manager.

Question 5. Apk files on Android phones can be hidden. How to find them?

Answer: Your child’s Android device is likely to store hidden files in the My Documents folder, which can be checked in the storage folder of either the device or the SD card. Once you click the “More” link in the upper right corner, a pop-up window will appear. Checking the hidden files will be offered via a prompt.

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What are the Advantage or Disadvantage of downloading Cookie Wars Apk?


  • The popularity of Apks can be attributed to many factors. As a result of software leaks, new apps are now available as Apk files. The new app will be available to users before it is available on the official Play Store.
  • Users may not be able to download the app from the Play Store if it is not available in their country. Users can download APK files from other sources if they wish to access restricted or restricted applications in some regions. A reliable online trading platform such as IQ-option, for example, is not available in some countries. IQ-Option Apk files can be downloaded directly from the IQ-Option website by users residing in these countries.
  • Google’s latest updates can be downloaded through Apk files, bypassing the carrier. You will have to wait until Google Update makes its way to the Air versions. The Apk file can be downloaded directly by users to avoid the wait.


  • Despite being easy to install, Cookie Wars apk files may not always be useful or secure. Whenever downloading Apk files, users should take caution as they might contain an illegal or stolen application.
  • Users can download pirated copies of various apps directly from the websites of Apk services on the Internet. Users should avoid engaging in this illegal activity as it is illegal. So before downloading anything from a third party, thorough research should be done to avoid any legal repercussions.
  • On the Internet, you can find apk files from many sources. There are, however, some that cannot be considered credible. Malicious software can be contained in Apk files that maliciously infest users’ devices. Personal information can be stolen from this phone.
  • Hackers have also manipulated Apk files, allowing additional applications through them. Hackers may have access to sensitive personal information on the device by accident.


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